Group Dance Competition


The school conducted ‘Group Dance Competition’ in the pious premises of G.I.S on 27th Feburary 2016 as a part of C.C.A. for Nursery to class 5th. Chair person of Municipality, Laxmangarh Mrs. Chandni Sharma solicited the occasion as chief guest and Mr. Lalit Sharma was the Guest of Honor. The activity was divided into three categories, respectively- Nursery to K.G. , First to Third and Fourth to Fifth.The tiny tots’ section presented their mesmerizing performances with full vigor. In the first group 1st position was secured by the group of K.G ‘B’ , 2nd was bagged by Nursery Class and 3rd position was given to K.G ‘A’. In the second group Class First ‘B’ bagged 3rd position whereas Class Second ‘A’ and Third ‘B’ were declared 2nd Winner and Class Third ‘A’ secured 1st position. In the Third Group both Fifth ‘A’ and ‘B’ turned out to be the 3rd Winner , Fifth ‘C’ Class got 2nd Position, Class Fourth ‘A’ received 1st position. The little performers were judged by Miss Priyanka Pareek (Sr. Co-ordinator) and Mr. Ram Singh Rathore (Middle Section Co-ordinator) on different criteria like Costume , Confidence and Presentation. The participants put forth their efforts perfect to make the competition a grand success. Winners of the activities were distributed certificates for their lively performance. Principal of the School , Mr. Rohitashva Dudi guided students to give their hundred percent in whatever they do and Director of the School Dr. Vijay Pal Dhaka appreciated the efforts of the students.

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67 वां गणतंत्र दिवस समारोह

Republic Day

67 वां गणतंत्र दिवस विद्यालय में अत्यंत हर्षोल्लास के साथ मनाया गया | इस अवसर पर मुख्यअथिति श्री हरिसिंह नेहरा (गिरदावर) एवं विशिस्ट अतिथियों में माणकचंद जी ढाका  तथा पूर्व सरपंच श्री जगदीश जी ढाका  उपस्थित रहे | ध्वजारोहण  के साथ आरम्भ हुए कार्यक्रम में  विद्यार्थियों ने सांस्कृतिक प्रस्तुतियां देकर सभी को मंत्र मुग्ध किया इस अवसर पर प्रधानाचार्य श्री रोहिताश्व डूडी ने गणतंत्र की विशेषता बताते हुए संविधान के लिखित रूप को समझने एवं उसे अपने जीवन में ढालने पर प्रकाश डाला | विद्यालय निदेशक डा. विजयपाल ढाका ने विद्यालय परिवार को गणतंत्र दिवस की बधाई दी |

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Cyber Olympiad


Gurukul International School achieved a great success as its students performed well in the “Cyber Olympiad” of National Level organised by Science Olympiad Foundation. It was an honour for the school as 6 students out of 16 got qualified for the next level of the exam, which was conducted on 8 of October 2015. On this achievement Director of the school Dr. Vijay Pal Dhaka awarded medals to all the selected students (Mayank Soni, Sanjay Jangir, Narendra Kumar, Anil Poonia, Vishal Nehra, Praveen Shivran) and gave them a Certificate of Appreciation. Principal of G.I.S., Mr. Rohitash Dudi motivated the students with his acute thoughts and inspired them to take participation in all the different co-curricular activities and made the students aware of the need of regular study and confidence to get success in every sphere of life.

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Annual Sports Day 2015-16


Gurukul International School celebrated its Annual Sports Day on 5th December 2015. Chief Guest Arjun Awardee Mr. Suresh Mishra , Guest of Honour Mr. Shivlal Ji Lamba, A.G.M BSNL (Sikar) , Mr. Hardayal  Ji Dhaka, Chairman School Management Committee solicited the occasion with their benign presence . Principal of G.I.S. Mr. Rohitashva Dudi and Director of School Dr. Vijaypal Dhaka received all the dignitaries with the Melodious Welcome Song sung by G.I.S. Choir. G.I.S. dancing groups added colours to the programme by their Bhangra, Ghoomar, and the Hip-hop dance presented by the Tiny Tots. G.I.S. ground witnessed various Track Events and Field Events like Race, Fruit Basket Race, Frog Jump, Balloon Race, High Jump, Discus Throw, Triple Jump, Skipping, Javelin Throw, Shot put, Sack Race and Relay Race.Winners of various sports events were given certificates and medals by the dignitaries. 5 students namely Arvind Kumawat, Jaswant, Amit Kumar, Nikhil and Gulshan Dudi securing Bronze Medals in the ‘C.B.S.E. Cluster 10th Athletic Meet’ were given cash prize of Rs.1100 each by the School Administration. Individual Games Trophy for Badminton Girls Senior Championship, Volleyball Boys Junior and Senior Championship, Basketball Boys Senior Championship, Cricket Boys Junior Championship were also awarded. Best Player Trophy in various sports activities were awarded to the students by the esteemed chief guest. The colourful sports event came to an end by the motivational speech of the Chief Guest, indoctrinating the students to be dedicated in their perspective of life. Principal of G.I.S. guided students to be self motivated and enthusiastic in their approach towards life.

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20th CBSE Cluster-X Athletic Meet 2015-16


Gurukul International School took participation in the 20th CBSE Cluster-X Athletic Meet 2015-16 which was held at Shekhawati Public School Dundlod from 3rd to 6th November 2015. More than 100 schools registered  their names for participation and in the presence of near about 1200 athletes, 18 students of G.I.S. stepped ahead to prove their physical potential and mark their presence. They were accompanied by Administrative Officer Mr. Himmat Singh Sekhawat. Students participated in the different events under the different categories, such as Under 14, Under 16 and Under 19. Gurukul’s students ran through the Under 14 Category of 4×100 Meter Relay Race Boys and grabbed the Third Position for the School and made whole G.I.S. feel pride. The medal winner students in 4×100 Relay Race were Arvind Kumawat, Nikhil Ruhela, Amit Kumar, Jaswant and Gulshan Dudi. Performance of Arvind Kumawat of class X was worth seeing on track who snatched the 5th position and added it to his account by beating other 45 participants in the 100 Meter Race of Under 14 category. Overall G.I.S. grabbed 5 Bronze Medals in this Mega Event of 20th CBSE Cluster-X Athletic Meet in its very first participation. The winning of all the medals was the outcome of systematic training provided by P.T.I. Sunil Kumar along with positive transformation of students’ energy and moulding of their personality into the mould of competitive yet healthy spirit. On the glorious return of the students from the event, students were awarded the Certificate of Appreciation along with Medals by the Principal Mr. Rohitashva Dudi with the words of motivation. Director of the school Dr. Vijay Pal Dhaka congratulated the students regarding their achievements in the event and blessed them with his worthy words.

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Workshop of Maths Teachers


Mr. Hardeep Singh PGT (Maths), Mr. Anil Acharya and Mr. Tara Chand TGT (Maths) of our school actively participated in Maths Workshop organized at D.P.S Jaipur by Ratna Sagar Publication on 31-10-2015. Workshops was focused on latest trends and methodology of maths teaching. The resource person of this workshop was very renowned mathematician Dr. Hukum Singh. The participant teachers shared their learning with their departmental teachers. The entire maths Dept. geared  up to tone up the learning orientation of students as per the new trends being set in the pedagogy. Principal Mr. Rohitashva Dudi says we will keep promoting our teachers for such kind of workshops. It will help grow our teachers as well as students also.

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Friendly Match of Basketball and Volleyball

Gurukul International School organised a Friendly Basketball Match with Bhartiya Public School, Laxmangarh. G.I.S. hosted the match and defeated its guest with the score 46-10.

On the other hand, a Volleyball Match took place between Gurukul International School and Chodhary Gharsiram Public School , Laxmangarh, which was hosted by the latter. In this match, the guest team defeated its host with the huge difference of 25-10, 24 -26 and 25-17.

Principal of G.I.S., Mr. Rohitashva Dudi gave the credit of the wins , to the hard work of students and teachers and told to carry on the chain so that physical and mental development of students continue.
Director of the school Dr. Vijay Pal Dhaka, connecting the winning with the development of the school said that these type of friendly matches shall be organised in future also.

All the students, as well as teachers, witnessed the competition and enjoyed the match by cheering the teams.
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Group Dance

group d

Gurukul International School conducted Inter House Group Dance Competition on 10th Oct. 2015 in its school campus as a part of C.C.A. Ms. Priyanka Pareek, Senior Coordinator of G.I.S. was the chief guest. For presentation of dance, each house was given time limit of 3 to 8 minutes and minimum 5 to maximum 8 participants were allowed in the dance competition. Performances of the students were judged on the criteria like Costume, Dance Moves, Coordination and Expression and were judged by eminent jury members, Mrs. Sunita Pareek and Mrs. Pratibha. The choreographers of different houses put their efforts best to make performances of their houses the best. Lastly Raman House secured First Position, Aryabhatt House grabbed Second Position and rest of the Houses Bhaskar, Einstein and Newton were declared Third. Rohitashva Dudi, Principal of G.I.S. made the students aware of the importance of co curricular activities in school life and Dr. Vijay Pal Dhaka, Director of G.I.S. appreciated students’ efforts.

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Hindi Skit Competition

hindi skit

The school conducted ‘Hindi Skit Competition’ on Social, Comedy and Patriotic themes on 3rd Oct. 2015. G.I.S. felt immense pleasure to have Mr. Hardeep, Examination in charge and Core Committee Member of school as its chief guest. For presentation of skit, each house was given eight to ten minutes’ time. They were judged on different criteria like Content, Presentation and Costume by Mr. Sukhpal along with Mr. Rajkumar Pareek. The participants put forth their efforts perfect to make the competition a grand success. Lastly Bhaskar house bagged third position. Newton House secured second position and Einstein House turned out to be the Winner of the competition. Winners of the programme were distributed certificates for their lively performance. Chief guest Mr. Hardeep guided students for making full use of stage and mike while performing on the stage. G.I.S. Principal, Mr. Rohitashva Dudi appreciated the efforts of the students made on the stage.  Director of school, Dr. Vijay Pal Dhaka blessed the students for their better future.

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After the successful completion of the IECS 35’Th SLP on 19-21 June 2015, at India International Centre, New Delhi; IECS now conducted the 36’Th SLP from 18-20 September 2015.IECS has been organizing SCHOOL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS regularly since June 2009. These Workshops are focused on ‘PREPARING LEADERS FOR THE FUTURE SCHOOLS.’ The 36’Th SLP had Interactive Sessions with Presentations, Case Studies and Group Work by Participants. The 03-Day All India 36’Th School Leadership Workshop dealt with

The following KEY themes –

Leadership Excellence & Levels of Leadership. ·Pragmatic & Strategic Leadership. ·Inclusive Education and related issues. ·Resonant Leadership for Organizational Excellence ·21’st Century Education and the changing paradigm. ·Principals Make A Difference: ‘The Effective Principal.’ ·Good Practices in Quality Schools. ·Financial Management. ·Innovation & Innovative Practices adopted by Quality Schools. ·Instructional Leadership & Monitoring-Mentoring Roles. ·POCSO Act 2012 and our responsibility. ·Disciplinary Procedures against Delinquent Employees. ·The Changing Paradigm of Education in India ·Skill Development & Education.


The key speakers were of International repute including Prof. (Dr.) B.L. Handoo, Educational Innovator, Mr. G Balasubramaniyam former Director CBSE, Maj. Gen. N.K. Dhir, Mrs. Neera Mathur, Veteran Principal, Mrs. Sudha Gupta, Director Presidium Group, Dr. Avtar Singh, Dr. Vikram Dutt (RTE Innovator), Dr. Subhash Arora and many more renowned icons in the field of school education.


The total no. of participants were 45 from different parts of country and outside country involving Educators, School Leaders, School Managements, Directors, Principals, Vice Principals, HOD’s. All of them commonly shared their experiences and common goals to contribute better in the society. I indeed feel blessed and fortunate having interacted and exposed to this galaxy of Intellectuals having long list of their contribution in the field of school all around the country and outside country.



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