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group d

Gurukul International School conducted Inter House Group Dance Competition on 10th Oct. 2015 in its school campus as a part of C.C.A. Ms. Priyanka Pareek, Senior Coordinator of G.I.S. was the chief guest. For presentation of dance, each house was given time limit of 3 to 8 minutes and minimum 5 to maximum 8 participants were allowed in the dance competition. Performances of the students were judged on the criteria like Costume, Dance Moves, Coordination and Expression and were judged by eminent jury members, Mrs. Sunita Pareek and Mrs. Pratibha. The choreographers of different houses put their efforts best to make performances of their houses the best. Lastly Raman House secured First Position, Aryabhatt House grabbed Second Position and rest of the Houses Bhaskar, Einstein and Newton were declared Third. Rohitashva Dudi, Principal of G.I.S. made the students aware of the importance of co curricular activities in school life and Dr. Vijay Pal Dhaka, Director of G.I.S. appreciated students’ efforts.

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