Non-scholastic Activities

The school provides tremendous opportunities to each individual child to show his profound talent in the Games & Sports, Cultural & Literary Activities for all round development of a child.

Physical & Health Education: The scheme of physical education is so planned as to ensure the maximum and manifold development of the individuality of the child, enabling him to attain mental soundness, emotional stability, physical maturity and moral values. Well-qualified instructors provide regular coaching to students in Athletics, Judo, Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Yoga, Swimming, Skating and Horse Riding as well. Games and sports are organized in such a way as to ensure maximum participation by students at the same time.

Cultural & Literary Activities: Cultural & literary activities develop the personality of the students. School provides profound opportunities to each individual child to come up on the stage through its various cultural and literary activities like debating, dramatics, extempore speech, Western & Indian solo and group singing and dancing, Western instrumental music etc. The students will display their cultural & literary taste on Annual Function apart from CCAs on every Saturday.

Ø Music Department: All sorts of instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Dholak, Guitar, Synthesizer, Casio, Marques adorn the Music Room. Adept instructors from Music rich states have been appointed to impart music education.

Ø Art & Craft Department: As part of the Art Education, students study Commercial Art, Painting, models, Sculpture etc.

Ø C.C.A: Every Saturday in the last 2 periods, all the students of houses assemble in the School Auditorium and show their variety of talents.

Educational Tour: To give firsthand knowledge to the students, the school manages different types of tours. Short tours for Railway Station, Hospitals, Banks, Post Offices, BSNL, Press, Museum, Doordarshan Kendra etc. are arranged for the students to see the practical working in these organizations to meet the real pragmatic challenges of life. One day tour is arranged for the students to be face-to-face with the nature & to learn to appreciate the natural beauty to develop their aesthetic quality.